Her Story

Years before she began blazing her own path as a designer,Twyla had her first exposure to glamour growing up as the daughter of a preacher in the deep south. Every Saturday morning the cars would roll up to church and a glorious procession would unfold. “Your whole social calendar revolved around church,” she remembers. “That was your opportunity to get dressed up. You’d see the church ladies with the big hats and matching purses and shoes.”
Leading the stylish pack were her parents, Dorris and Joe, both of whom believed that there was importance in how you presented yourself to the world.
In the days when Joe had been a student in divinity school, Dorris had even sewn his suits by hand. “My first real fashion icon was my mom,” Twyla says. “My mother always looked amazing. I never saw her not look amazing. So a big part of my inspiration was growing up seeing my mom dress my dad, and seeing my mom get dressed.”
At home, though, Dorris would shift to the comfort of a robe or a dashiki. Observing that transition, as a child, gave Twyla the early inklings of a philosophy that the designer follows to this day as the founder of Stellar Creative Collective. You do not have to compromise comfort, and you do not have to compromise beautiful design.” Indeed, that balance of comfort and luxury represents the heart of Twyla’s vision for Eve by Twilight, her signature brand. Twyla has journeyed far and wide since her childhood years in the Deep South, but she has never lost touch with home. Her mission, as she sees it, is to design luxurious yet comfortable clothes for real women — while remaining kind to the planet along the way. “Comfort is key,” she says. “A stylish woman is a confident woman, and a confident woman is a comfortable woman.”Biography
“Twilight”, Twyla’s nickname, calls to mind that time of day, especially in the South, when the sky opens up and a breeze rolls in. “Eve” brings the preacher’s daughter back to the Book of Genesis and the sensual, mysterious, nurturing woman at the heart of it. “In these clothes,” she says, “I want to tap into that original divine feminine energy.” In other words, Eve by Twilight meets women where they are. “There is an acknowledgement of all the different parts of a woman,” Twyla says. “And a celebration of her.”